Re-launch of the British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association

Posted on 9 November 2012 by Sarah Garry

The British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association (BARNA) are pleased to announce their re-launch. After 25 years of successfully supporting members within the anaesthetic and recovery field, the re-launch of the association includes a new look for the association, in addition to a new website and more educational activities available for members.

Pat Smedley, President of BARNA commented,“We are very excited about our re-launch and the changes which we will be implementing for our members over the coming months. We are particularly pleased with the new branding for the association, which represents our modern, forward-thinking approach. To support this, we have been developing new educational material, based on the needs of our members.”

The new BARNA website will be officially launched at the BARNA Annual Conference on Saturday 10 November in London, where members will be able to browse the site and view the new content available to them.

Members are also encouraged to submit ideas for educational material, or submit their own documents for inclusion on the website.

Thank you to Education Corporate Partner Molnylcke for their support with the association’s re-launch.

Notes for Editors

Media Contact:
Sarah Garry
Association Manager

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7383 8042

  1. The British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association (BARNA) exist to promote excellent quality of care for the patient undergoing and recovering from anaesthesia in any setting. Through its commitment to standards, education and research, BARNA supports the individual professional development of its members and encourages all members to actively participate in the association providing information, ideas and feedback. BARNA works towards the national recognition of anaesthetic and recovery nursing as specialist areas of practice.
  2. The BARNA website is:
  3. Members can keep up to date with the latest news by following BARNA on Facebook.
  4. Membership applications are accepted in the following categories:
    1. Full Member £30 p.a.
    2. Associate Member £40 p.a.
    3. Trainee Member £25 p.a.
    4. The BARNA Annual Conference will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons, London on Saturday 10 November 2012. Member price: £180, non-member: £300.
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