Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care survey

Posted on 2 June 2014 by Markku Ahtiainen

The Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Priority Setting Partnership aims to identify the most important research areas to improve the physical and mental well-being of patients attending hospital for any operation or procedure requiring any type of anaesthetic.

A short online survey (5-10 minutes) is open until the end of July for patients, carers and clinicians to contribute their ideas about unanswered research questions related to this topic. It is a unique opportunity to have your say and participate in this important and wide-ranging partnership that will have a real impact on research in hospital care. For further information and access to the survey please click here.

About the partnership:

The Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Priority Setting Partnership is a collaborative effort to survey patients, patient organisations, and clinical and perioperative professionals in order to identify the most important new research directions in anaesthesia and perioperative care.

This Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is overseen and monitored by the James Lind Alliance (JLA). To date, the JLA has facilitated over 20 priority setting partnerships for conditions as diverse as multiple sclerosis and acne, prostate cancer and stillbirth. In all of these PSPs, the mission has been to bring together clinicians and patients on an equal footing, to identify and prioritise research questions in order to influence future research in that area. This is achieved by conducting an open survey of ideas from patients and clinicians. The suggestions are then compared with the scientific literature and narrowed down by voting, producing a Top 10 priority list of research questions that the group thinks need to be explored.

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