Invitation to submit posters (with a prize)

Posted on 31 March 2015 by Pat Smedley

We welcome all nurses and practitioners who work in anaesthesia and post anaesthetic care to submit a poster for the BARNA Conference 2015, June 19th.

  1. Posters may derive from research, clinical audit, clinical practice innovation, management or education initiative
  2. Posters must be focussed around anaesthesia or post anaesthetic care
  3. All posters will be accepted for display
  4. Poster size is up to AO [46.8 x 33.1 inches]

If you intend to bring along a poster for display please email us: in order for us to allocate poster display boards.
This is a great opportunity to share professional knowledge, research and best practice strategies related to anaesthetic and post anaesthetic practice. We look forward to seeing posters from as many delegates as possible.

The posters will be judged by the BARNA education committee and there will be a PRIZE for the best poster: a registration for the World Congress of Nurse Anaesthetists (WCNA) in Glasgow in May 13th - 19th 2016!

Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association