Message from the chair: Winter 2016

Posted on 22 January 2016 by Manda Dunne

Winter may seem to have come with a vengeance but let’s look towards the early summertime in Scotland!

I hope that many of you are thinking of reserving your place at the WCNA 2016 (World Congress of Nurse Anaesthetists) 13th – 16th May 2016.

This event is very special to us and a major chance for you to explore and experience your speciality on an International level. Please remember that this is for Anaesthetic Nurses, ODP’s, AP’s, Recovery Nurses, Operating room Nurses, ITU Nurses, Student Nurses or anyone who has an interest in this speciality or wants to know more about it. Please don’t hung up about the title Nurse Anaesthetist because you are not used to hearing it in the UK. Nobody is excluded!

Revalidation for our nurses is a major issue right now and conferences are a perfect way to accredit hours for your portfolio. Networking at an event like this is also a valuable experience too.

BARNA will not be holding our annual conference and exhibition this year as a separate event as it will be incorporated into the WCNA as is the practice for any country as the host. A huge amount of work is being poured into this event and I am so excited and keen to share it with you. Glasgow is a lovely City to be in and so close to the most spectacular scenery and open spaces. The City is overflowing with culture and architecture to suit everyone’s taste, not to mention the variety of eating and drinking places just waiting to serve you.

We have organised a scientific programme that I hope will be of great interest to you delivered by speakers from many countries across the globe. You will have the chance for some hands on workshop experience and an exhibition where you will find some new and innovative products just waiting for you to see.

Have you thought of submitting and abstract for the free communication or designing a poster? Both are rewarding experiences and will give you a great opportunity to share education and research with your colleagues on an International scale. Don’t delay – the deadline has just been extended so we are waiting for you!

I ask that you really consider supporting this event – you will not be disappointed! It will be a pleasure to meet each and every one of you and to share in the World Congress together.

So, BARNA welcome you, together with IFNA to the World Congress of Nurse Anaesthetists in Glasgow – come and join in the fun!

Manda Dunne


Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association