The Perioperative Highway Code

Posted on 5 August 2017 by Markku Ahtiainen

Do you work in the perioperative environment?

If so, do you know where your emergency equipment is kept?

Can you find this kit in a hurry?

Queenie, an anaesthetic registrar based in London wrote to BARNA:
"I am part of a group of 5 anaesthetists leading on a patient safety initiative called the 'Perioperative Highway Code'.  Our aim is to create a bank of standardised signage which can be used throughout the perioperative environment.  We hope that this will reduce errors caused by human factors and reduce the time it takes to obtain life saving drugs and equipment."
Queenie continues: "To date, we have worked closely with a professional sign design company to design 17 different signs with 6 variants each.  We are also finalising the online Delphi prototype. We are hoping to launch the online Delphi in September and I am writing on behalf our group to seek support from BARNA in this project. The online Delphi study will consist of 2 phases and our target audience include anaesthetists as well as other multidisciplinary members. We hope to recruit 150 individuals in total. Our IT expert has created an online invitation which can be sent out to those members who would like to participate in the study by clicking on a link which take to them a secure site for the Delphi study".

Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association