The Perioperative Highway Code: could you give a few minutes of your time to help save a life?

Posted on 11 January 2018 by Markku Ahtiainen

Patient safety needs you!

"We are a group of anaesthetists with a vision to develop and introduce a universal ISO standardised and agreed signage system for emergency clinical drugs and equipment that will be used throughout the perioperative environment to improve patient safety – the ‘Perioperative Highway Code’."

Patient Safety

As a perioperative professional, you are invited to help develop and evolve these signs – please click on the link below to register and have your say. Your opinion matters!

‘A few minutes of your time could help save a life!’

Many thanks for your help and support with this patient safety initiative.
Kind regards,
Dr Charlotte Dempsey
Dr Annie Hunningher
Dr Queenie Lo
Dr Alastair Mulcahy
Dr Trudie Phillips
‘The Perioperative Highway Code’

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