Lifebox: News from Tanzania and the World Health Assembly

Posted on 2 July 2019 by Markku Ahtiainen

Tanzania: Increasing the Anesthesia Workforce

Lifebox Safe Anesthesia Fellow Dr. Myles Monaghan spent the last six months at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Tanzania providing training and clinical support to the anesthesia department. Last month, he delivered a pulse oximetry workshop for graduating nurse anesthesia providers. Read more...



Global Surgery and Anesthesia gain momentum at the World Health Assembly

Top Takeaway’s From Lifebox Global CEO Kris Torgeson

May 2019 – Every May, health ministers from around the world gather at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHA). From Ebola to traffic accidents, malaria to heart disease, delegates to the World Health Assembly (WHA) set policies and priorities to address the world’s most pressing global health needs. Read more...


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