The 12th Annual Royal Marsden Opioids, Cannabinoids and Gabapentinoids Conference

Thu 14 November 2019 to Fri 15 November 2019, The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre, Stewart’s Grove, London SW3 6JJ

"We have run the Royal Marsden Hospital Opioid Conference successfully for 11 years and continuously allowed it to change and adjust to the times, incorporating germane and contemporaneous developments in the field. This year we have adapted and evolved to incorporate other pivotal areas that have to be considered in any meaningful treatise of opioids. The new title, ‘Opioids, cannabinoids and gabapentinoids’, will ensure that we do not examine opioids in isolation but investigate two other major pharmacological treatment groups that some would consider to be potentially the most likely opioid alternatives."

"It is imperative that we examine these nonopioids so that we do not allow the demonisation of opioids to force us to embrace cannabinoids and gabapentinoids as the saviours of analgesia before we have had a chance to forensically examine their benefit and possible harms. We are blessed again to have Dr Hance Clark from Toronto, this year talking to us twice, including giving us insight into the Canadian experience of cannabinoids for pain. We also welcome two European speakers (who hopefully will be able to enter the country if Brexit ever happens). Dr Dupoiron’s expertise and experience in spinal opioids is unsurpassed and Dr Fletcher comprehensive knowledge of gabapentinoids is renowned. We also have our star returning speakers, back by popular demand."


Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association