Acute Pain and Persistent Pain After Surgery

Thu 12 December 2019 to Fri 13 December 2019, The Royal Marsden Conference Centre, Stewart’s Grove, London SW3 6JJ

"Dear Colleague

The pain management team at the Royal Marsden Hospital has developed a new series of four conferences for 2019. These Conferences cover all aspects of modern pain practice including cancer pain, chronic pain and acute pain, as well as the latest developments in the use of Opioids (12th Royal Marsden Opioid Conference).

We have gathered together prominent speakers from the UK and around the world to provide the most stimulating talks on these aspects of pain management. We cordially invite you to attend these conferences, which will be beneficial for all medical and nursing practitioners involved in the management of pain, palliative care and anaesthesia.

Kind regards from the organiser:

Dr John Williams

Consultant in Pain Medicine

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust


Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association