Chronic Pain Management Conference

Mon 2 October 2017 to Tue 3 October 2017, London

New scientific discoveries have brought about some significant advances in the understanding of why differing approaches to the management of chronic pain are needed. There is growing evidence for the application of ultrasonography, radiofrequency ablation and neuromodulation in chronic pain management for both diagnostic and treatment applications. Techniques such as epigenetics and the use of risk stratification tools will enable personalised medicine. The quality of clinical research and lessons learned from opioid addiction have enabled the clinician to better advise their patients on the best treatments for them.

This meeting showcases some of these advances placing them firmly in clinical practice. This two day conference should enable the attendee to pick up the best in what pain management has to offer as well as highlight future directions. MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce the ‘Chronic Pain Management Conference’ to be held on 2rd-3rd October, 2017 in London, UK will be a great learning platform for industry professionals, researchers and academia to discuss real-world topics with pioneers and esteemed pain science professionals.

Key Highlights:
• Growing role of diagnostic imaging modalities in management of chronic pain
• Advances in neuromodulation techniques for chronic pain treatment
• New understanding of psychological factors helps explain chronic pain and how it leads to powerful interventions
• A Taster session on Pain-Specific Mindfulness interventions for chronic pain
• Emerging role of epigenetic mechanisms for chronic pain
• Panel discussion on opioid-induced tolerance and physical dependence

Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association