The Operating Theatre Summit and Exhibition 2016 (London)

Tue 4 October 2016 to Tue 4 October 2016, University of London

Our London conference builds on the success of our previous conference delivered in Manchester which attracted a wide audience of operating theatre professionals. Delegates discussed the key issues and challenges facing operating theatre professionals and debated future changes facing the profession.

Attendees heard from leading figures in the industry about ways to reform services and strategies for collaborating the private sector to ensure NHS operating theatres continue to lead the world in standards and patient satisfaction.
This conference provides an opportunity to discuss how operating theatres can maintain staff numbers and morale despite austerity measures and a growing skills shortage. Participants will examine what approaches can be made to restoring public confidence in operating theatre safety and maintain safe staffing levels, how operating theatre teams learn from successes and mistakes to ensure best practice and can technology be harnessed more fully by operating theatres to create efficiencies and improve outcomes.
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