Preoperative Assessment and Optimisation of the Older Surgical Patient

Wed 15 March 2017 to Thu 16 March 2017, Wellcome Collection, London

It is increasingly recognised that there is a need to have geriatric medicine input in surgical pathways for older people to improve patient outcomes & experiences. However the introduction of geriatric medicine specialists into complex surgical environments is highly challenging and evidence of successful service developments is sparse.

With the increased pressure on budgets, making the case for funding to develop new services without robust evidence is also difficult.

This event, designed by the growing group of dedicated clinicians, from across geriatric medicine, surgery and anaesthetics, will present case studies and lessons learned when developing services and gathering evidence for the effectiveness of structured elderly medicine input into surgical care pathways for older people.
All members of the MDT are encouraged to participate; nurses, therapists, anaesthetists and surgeons.
Structured over the course of two days, delegates will benefit from practical advice and guidance
regarding the perioperative management of the complex older surgical patient, whilst also hearing first
hand experiences and advice on the set up and day to day running of a surgical-geriatric liaison service.

Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association