PCC: The Perioperative Care Collaborative

‘Influencing and supporting clinical policies into perioperative practice’


About the Perioperative Care Collaborative:

The Perioperative Care Collaborative (PCC) is comprised of professional organisations and associations representing the health professionals working in practice and education, within the perioperative environment. We aim to enable those practicing in the multi-professional perioperative team to debate and discuss contemporary key issues that impact on patient care. As a collaborative, we will strive to enhance the perioperative patients’ experience by influencing healthcare policy through publication and dissemination of best practice and guidance.

Who are the PCC?

We are a collaborative of professional bodies and associations that represent the different health professionals working within perioperative practice, both in clinical practice and in education.  Membership of the PCC currently includes the following organisations:

  • Association for Perioperative Practice
  • Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations
  • British Association of Day Surgery
  • British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association 
  • College of Operating Department Practitioners
  • Royal College of Nursing

What does the PCC do?

  • We work together to collaboratively formulate and agree national guidance, recommendations and position statements related to perioperative care.
  • We undertake projects that support the development of practice.
  • We promote evidence based perioperative practice.
  • We work within the framework of clinical governance.
  • We work collaboratively with key stakeholder organisations.
  • We develop links and consult with other organisations or independent experts as required.

What projects have the PCC been involved in?

We have developed a number of position statements which define best practice for different aspects of perioperative care and thus can be used to inform clinical practice, for example:

  • Optimising the contribution of the perioperative support worker (2015)
  • Surgical First Assistant Position Statement (2012)

Our current project is the development of an educational curriculum for perioperative nurses, which will reflect both the European nursing curriculum and the UK CODP curriculum. We anticipate that this curriculum will be published in Spring 2017 and this will be disseminated by member organisations.


Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association