Tracey Radcliffe

Tracey Radcliffe

BARNA President

Tracey qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1990 in Enfield and worked in Chase Farm Hospital. Moving back home to North Wales, Tracey has over 20 years theatres experience initially as an anaesthetic/recovery nurse and then Practice Development Nurse. She currently works as Clinical Governance Lead Nurse in Glan Clwyd Hospital.

Tracey is Chair of the RCN Perioperative Forum and also Chairs the Perioperative Care Collaborative. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the Nursing Standard and has written chapters for the Oxford Handbook of Perioperative Practice

Lucie Llewellyn

Lucie Llewellyn

BARNA Chair, Co-Editor (BJARN)

Lucie qualified as a RN in 1998 at King’s College London. She initially worked on the Cardiothoracic surgical ward at St George’s NHS Trust, until she was asked to consider working in cardiothoracic recovery following placement there during her ENB 249. A move which has opened many doors. Since then she has had the opportunity to work within the Cardiothoracic ITU, before returning as a  Practice Educator covering the five inpatient recovery units at St George’s NHS Trust. During this time she was able to not only teach and support staff and students, but also gain experience in caring for patients recovering from a multitude of different procedures.

Lucie then moved to the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Kingston University and St George’s University of London where she has worked since 2010 as a senior lecturer in perioperative practice, with her main focus on Post Anaesthetic Care. She enjoys teaching and seeing students develop in their knowledge and confidence in relation to clinical practice, and believes that access to education should be available for all healthcare workers.

Manda Dunne

Manda Dunne

IFNA Country Representative

Manda started her nursing career at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in 1976 with her ONC and then went on to qualify as an SRN at Greenwich District Hospital in 1980. She then found herself in the operating theatre as a scrub nurse but soon discovered anaesthetic nursing. She completed her ENB 182 at Kings College Hospital in 1982.
Manda is currently a Senior Anaesthetic and Recovery Sister at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London, where she works in an all nurse operating theatre. Manda has been an anaesthetic nurse for 35 years and has seen many changes in anaesthesia during that time. Manda is also an Advanced Life Support Instructor, which enables her to spend some time in a completely different role but still enhances her anaesthetics skills both clinically and in a teaching capacity.
Manda strongly believes in the recognition development of anaesthetic and recovery nursing and has had the privilege of serving on the BARNA committee since 2003.

Manda continues to represent the UK for IFNA (International Federation of Nurse Anaesthetists) and currently serves on their Executive Committee and is Chair of their Congress Planning Committee.

Pat Smedley

Pat Smedley

BARNA Education Lead

Pat has served on the BARNA committee since 1992 and believes strongly in the need to support and develop anaesthetic and post anaesthetic care nursing.  Originally a history teacher, Pat has nursed for over 30 years both at home and abroad, specialising in intensive care and post anaesthetic care nursing.

Since retiring from teaching preoperative care at Kingston University, Pat has remained focussed on post anaesthetic care nursing as the Education Lead for BARNA and as Chairman of the Steering Group for ICPAN (International Collaboration of Peri-Anaesthesia Nurses).  Pat led a successful study day on Obesity in Preoperative Practice for BARNA last year and has spent much of this year preparing this important BARNA Basic Airway Teaching Pack.  Her commitment and work to developing a global collaboration of peri-anaesthesia nurses will be realised in September this year at the ICPAN conference in Copenhagen where ICPAN will be launched as a formal association.

Markku  Viherlaiho

Markku Viherlaiho

BARNA Treasurer

Markku qualified as a nurse in 1978 has always worked in anaesthetics and recovery. He started his career as maintenance anaesthetic nurse in Helsinki University Hospital, and moved to England in 1979. Markku briefly returned to Finland, but since 1982 has been in post as an anaesthetic charge nurse in London and has not looked back!

Markku completed his anaesthetic nurse training in King's College Hospital in 1983 and has worked in his current senior charge nurse's post since 1984, which has now become Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, London where he enjoys being able to mix patient care with management responsibilities.

Markku truly believes in value of nurses in anaesthetics and recovery and would have preferred to see maintenance anaesthetic nursing model as part of the career development in England.

Pauline  Guyan

Pauline Guyan

BARNA Secretary

Pauline qualified in 1979 in Sheffield as an SEN and converted to RN in 2000. In 2008 she gained a degree at the University of York and has recently undertaken the role of Senior Sister in PACU at York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, enjoying the challenges this role offers.

Pauline has for a number of years admired the work that the BARNA Committee (past and present) offer in which to support the PACU and Anaesthetic staff and hopes that she will be able to give something back as a committee member.

Pauline’s hobbies include walking; gardening, entertaining, cake decorating and foreign travel although time does not allow for any of these in enough quantity!

Markku Ahtiainen

Markku Ahtiainen

Vice Chair, Communications Manager, ICPAN Country Representative

Markku gained his nursing qualifications in Kuusankoski, Finland in 1999. Upon qualification he worked in a psychiatric unit  for people with learning difficulties. He then wanted to explore other areas of nursing and moved to UK in 2002. Since that Markku has worked in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, London as a recovery nurse and a few years later he completed his anaesthetic nurse training. He enjoys working in the perianaesthesia environment and is keen to develop nursing practice in his workplace.
Markku's hobbies include travelling, reading, good food and a bit of exercise for a healthy balance.

Markku is a Global Advisory Council member in ICPAN (International Collaboration of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses).

Markku works with four other people in the BARNA communications team: Satu Wilson, Elaine Salapante, Corina Stoean and Monica Correo.

Joni  Brady

Joni Brady

International Representative

Joni Brady was born and raised in New York, where she received her nursing diploma. As a lifelong learner, she earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree from George Mason University in 2015, and holds a U.S. based certification in ambulatory anaesthesia nursing. Joni began her professional life in critical care units and has worked as a perianaesthesia and pain management nurse for most of her career. Having clinical, management, education, research and evidence translation to practice experience in all aspects of perianaesthetic care delivery, she frequently publishes nursing manuscripts and book chapters. Over the past three decades Joni lived in Asia, North America and Europe. She is currently Chair for the International Collaboration of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses, Inc. Board of Directors ( 

Theofanis  Fotis

Theofanis Fotis

Co-Editor, BJARN

Phd, MSc, BSc

Dr Fotis is a Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the School of Nursing & Midwifery of University of Brighton. He was an officer nurse at the Hellenic Air force where he served for 15 years and retired as captain. He was a visiting lecturer at the Nursing Officer’s School in Athens, Greece and at the Department of Nursing of the University of Peloponnese. The main body of his work involves the exploration of the effects of the minimal invasive surgical procedures on the patients, staff and environment. Dr Fotis has published several articles in leading national and international journals in the areas of perioperative and surgical nursing and on health care management. He has presented his work in many national and international conferences. He is also member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Vascular Nursing and the Educational committee of the American Vascular Nursing Association and reviewer for many international journals.      

Steven Kay

Steven Kay

BARNA Education

Steven completed his nurse training in 2004 at Greenwich University and has worked in anaesthetics at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London ever since. He enjoys working in the speciality of anaesthesia as it provides the quick pace and need for fast thinking, along with the changing challenging environment that lets his creativity shine. 
Steven takes an active role in teaching, mentoring both student nurses on placement and new nurses’ induction in theatre, which provides much job satisfaction. He has been on the BARNA committee since 2016, joining the educational team and contributing to the ongoing Teaching Packs, bringing a fresh and current perspective to the material.
Steven aims to develop and advance his practice by keeping up to date with the latest technology and innovations in anaesthesia, continuing to mentor students and colleagues, and progressing to more of a leadership role in the near future.

Michelle Broderick

Michelle Broderick

Student Representative

Michelle is a third year student nurse at the university of Salford, in Manchester; studying Adult nursing. She came from a background of adult care with the social services before deciding to follow her dream, choosing adult nursing to aid her journey into becoming an anaesthetic nurse. After attending the WCNA in may last year, and the BARNA AGM in June, from the great interest and dedication to BARNA she has shown, she was asked to become the first ever student committee member. Michelle hopes to recruit other student members and help to promote interest into the anaesthetic, recovery profession before qualifying.

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