Vision and Values

To support all professionals working in anaesthetic and recovery nursing to achieve excellent standards of care in patients undergoing anaesthesia in any setting.

BARNA works towards the national recognition of anaesthetic and recovery nursing as specialist areas of practice.

BARNA has a constitution which governs the way the association is run. This includes an Annual General Meeting, details of which can be found on the AGM page which is available to members.


  • To promote education within these specialties
  • To promote advanced nursing practice within these specialties
  • To encourage communication among members of the association and collaborate with other perioperative associations in promoting anaesthetic and recovery nursing
  • To promote public and government awareness of these clinical fields


  • Hold an annual conference and regional study days to promote the aims above
  • Publish a journal – British Journal of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing (BJARN)
  • Publish a newsletter to ensure members are kept updated with important developments in BARNA
  • Develop standards of practice and clinical competencies available to be available to all members
  • Develop education aides to promote a sound theoretical knowledge base for clinical practice
  • Officially represent the International Federation of Nurse Anaesthetists (IFNA) in the UK – automatic membership for all BARNA members
  • Develop the BARNA web to disseminate information and encourage networking


Barna. British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association